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Posted On: 01/17/2018

The last few weeks have been hard to deal with not only as a local company but as a proud community member. Seeing our friends, family, and coworkers in danger or losing homes or even worse has been hard to stomach. Santa Barbara has always been regarded as a paradise and to see it so heavily impacted by tragedy does not seem real. All of us at Airbus have held our breath over the last few weeks hoping that it wouldn’t get worse and that the service we provide could still run and bring value to the community. Unfortunately it did get worse.


Once the freeway closed we had to look at what our service was and how to still provide it very critically. As a company we made the decision that stopping the service was not an option, we wanted to make sure that anyone wanting to get home would be able to accomplish that, further more we wanted to make sure that anyone that did not feel comfortable being here would be able to leave. Once we made that decision we looked for the alternatives available to us, we settled on an alternative route and a modified schedule. This decision was not made lightly. The route is double our normal route, and a harder drive for our drivers and our customers. This change in routing and schedule has also changed how much each trip cost us. This is a cost that we have intentionally not passed on to our customers. As I stated earlier, we wanted to make sure that anyone that needs to come or go is able to.


Once we wrapped our head around the change in our operations, we started to look and see where else we might be able to help. We had so many normal jobs that canceled since people couldn’t get in and out of town that we had drivers that wanted to work and buses we wanted to run! We were lucky enough to have Cottage Health reach out to us to ask about help in shuttling their people. This was an opportunity that we jumped at! Internally we looked around to see if there is anything that we could do, even though it is small we are working on donating our profits from the onboard honor bars to a local relief charity.


At the end of the day of course we are a company, and our goal is to provide a valued service that generates a profit.  Bigger then that we are part of a community that we love. We are standing with all the amazing people in this town that are trying to help. This is an opportunity to reach out to our neighbors and extend a helping hand.  Please let us know how we can be good neighbors throughout this process. We are thankful to be in a community that is as strong as this one.

~ Samantha Onnen


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