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You are getting married and are planning your own wedding, or perhaps you are a family member or friend who has the pleasure to help the bride and groom with their wedding arrangements, or maybe you are a wedding coordinator assisting your clients with their special day.

In any scenario, this is going to be a big day! Santa Barbara Airbus is here to make the transportation part of your plans a smooth and easy ride. We have over 30 years experience and know what it takes to provide great wedding transportation. Check out our reviews, many are from weddings we have done.


Transportation is an often overlooked aspect of a wedding. While certainly not as glamorous as choosing a dress or a cake, it has a monumental impact on how successful your wedding day can be. How are guests going to get to your wedding? Are they going to drive? Where are they going to park cars? Will there be alcohol at the reception? How will people get home? These logistics are often overlooked and can make the difference between a smooth, successful day and a day spent dealing with logistical challenges. Use Airbus to alleviate those challenges.

Getting guests to and from your wedding and reception.

Using Airbus to bring guests offers a few distinct advantages. First, everyone can arrive at the same time. You also don’t have to worry about guests trying to find their way to the venue. Perhaps even more important, everyone gets a safe ride home at night with a professional driver. We are able to pick up and drop off at multiple locations to accommodate all of your guests.

Parking Cars.

Wedding Cars

In many venues, parking is limited. Having everyone travel via an Airbus coach alleviates any parking issues. It keeps cars off venue property. It’s also better for the environment! An Airbus with 40 people takes 20-30 cars off the road!

Keep things on schedule.

It is a very special day, but it is also a very busy day. Make sure your guests are where you need them when you need them there. Especially with larger weddings, there are always a handful of people who run on “their” time. Make sure they are on time by using an Airbus to pick them up at the hotel and get them to your venue on time! Do you have to be off property by a certain time? Get everyone on an Airbus and get them home safely.

What you need to know:

What we offer

Airbus offers vehicles as small as 21 passengers and as large as 56 passengers. We can accommodate all sizes of weddings. To review our fleet, click here. (Opens in new window)

When to book

Book Now! Most weddings happen on Saturdays, and accordingly, we sell out on Saturdays well in advance. From May - November, we typically will sell out on a Saturday 2-4 months in advance. We are also very busy on Fridays and Sundays. Some people book for their wedding over a year in advance.

How to book

It's easy to book with Airbus! All we require to book is a 50% deposit or a credit card. Visit our Get a Quote page for more information.


Here's an idea of the information we'll need as we get closer to the date. All of this information is NOT necessary to book the bus. But we will want it at least 7-10 days in advance.

- All addresses of guest and/or wedding party pick-ups. (hotels, residences, etc.)

- Bride and Grooms last names. (for signs)

- Specific time of pick up, are these multiple locations, time of departure at each location.

- Specific location and time of planned arrival at location. (please keep in mind that buses take a few minutes longer travel and loading/unloading can take anywhere from 5-10 min)

- If multiple shuttle trips are required, be specific regarding who the groups are and at what time they need to depart for the event. What time the vehicle is expected back at the origin or other location for additional shuttle services?

- At what time do the shuttles return, how many trips are anticipated and when is the final shuttle to leave the event?

- Who is our driver’s contact person on the day of the event? And the cell phone of that responsible person, with a back up contact for emergencies.

- Who decides when to release the driver for the day?

For More Information

Use the links above to see what options are available to you or view our Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to always email or call Mark or Kirk with any questions.


Please check out our page on where you'll find real reviews from real customers who used our services for their wedding. Click on the image below to be redirected to that page. 

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