To Los Angeles International Airport - LAX:

**You MUST arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure for all pick up locations.**

Please choose a departure time that will allow you enough time to check in at the airport. The Los Angeles International Airport suggests arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight, and 3 hours for an international flight. Please do not cut it close, as there is potential for traffic to affect our arrival times. We are not responsible for missed flights. Plan accordingly!

To view stop location, click the name of the stop. To see all stops, click here.

Trip Number Depart Goleta Depart Santa Barbara Depart Carpinteria ARRIVE LAX
1 03:30am 03:50am 04:10am 06:00am
3 05:30am 05:50am 06:10am 08:15am
5 07:00am 07:20am 07:40am 09:45am
7 08:30am 08:50am 09:10am 11:15am
9 10:00am 10:20am 10:40am 12:45pm
11 12:00pm 12:20pm 12:40pm 02:45pm
13 02:30pm 02:50pm 03:10pm 05:45pm
15 06:00pm 06:20pm 06:40pm 08:45pm

From Los Angeles International Airport - LAX:

Trip Number BEGIN PICK UP AT LAX Arrive Carpinteria Arrive Santa Barbara Arrive Goleta
2 09:00am 11:00am 11:15am 11:30am
4 11:00am 01:00pm 01:15pm 01:30pm
6 12:30pm 02:30pm 02:45pm 03:00pm
8 02:00pm 04:00pm 04:15pm 04:30pm
10 03:30pm 05:45pm 06:00pm 06:15pm
12 05:30pm 07:45pm 08:00pm 08:15pm
14* 07:30pm 09:30pm 09:45pm 10:15pm
16* 10:00pm 12:15am 12:15am 12:45am

*Trip #14 (7:30pm) and Trip #16 (10:00pm) will take a minimum of 30 minutes to clear the airport.

To view our pickup/dropoff locations, please click here

Fares :

Times and prices effective as of October 24, 2016.

Prepaid Rates available if payment is made 24 hours in advance. Children 2 and under ride free! 

To get the discount on mulitiple passenger fares, all passengers must be travelling together on the same bus at the same time. This applies to both legs of a round-trip ticket. 

You will be charged the difference in fare if your travel does not match the fare booked.

For example:

If you book for 3 people travelling round-trip, but only 2 people travel on the outbound, your fare would be adjusted to a one way trip for two people, and then a one way trip for 3 people returning.  

If you have any questions, please call our office at (805) 964-7759 or toll-free at (800) 423-1618.

  *Discounted Prepaid Regular
Number of
1 Way Round Trip 1 Way Round Trip
1 $49 $94 $55 $100
2 $44 pp $86 pp $50 pp $92 pp
3 or more $40 pp $80 pp $45 pp $85 pp


Refunds require 24 hour advance cancellation. No refunds on second half of round trip. Non-refundable fares are still valid for one year and are transferable. Confirmation numbers must be retained for future use. In order to request a refund, call our office with your confirmation number.

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