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Long Term Parking at Goleta Only

The minimum parking fee is $30.00 - includes parking up to one week.

If you leave your car with us for more than 7 days, the additional fee per day is $5.00. 

Maximum parking duration is 21 days and is only available for paid roundtrip travelers.

We do offer parking discounts for passengers driving from North Santa Barbara County. 


Disclaimer - Parking/Valet Liability

Santa Barbara Airbus will not be held responsible for Property Damage or Loss by any cause, including theft, while moving or storing your vehicle. Articles left in car at Owner's Risk.

Owner(s) hereby warrants that the vehicle is insured for Valet Liability.

Owner(s) will be responsible for any charges incurred in re-starting their vehicle due to a dead battery or any other mechanical/electrical malfunction. Santa Barbara Airbus will not be held liable for anti-theft or car alarm failure.

There is no parking charge for Same-Day, Day Trip Specials and Excursion passengers.

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