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Privacy Statement

At Santa Barbara Airbus, we are deeply committed to your privacy. We use secure methods to transmit financial information. We never, ever, disclose any information about you to any third party which does not directly help us to deliver the products and services that you have purchased from us.

We respect your privacy and thank you for your trust in us. If at any time, you would like to discuss this with us, please do not hesitate.


At Santa Barbara Airbus, we are deeply committed to your privacy. We use so-called Cookies only in order to provide services with respect to our website. We do not track any user movements other than to remember those items that you have specifically asked us to remember.

Cookies are small sets of data which can be set by a website in order to track state. Because HTTP, the method of talking between browsers and websites, is connectionless, each time we request a document from a website, a connection is opened and then closed as soon as the document is sent. This means that the server thinks you may be someone new each time. This is a problem if you are trying to buy something. Or, perhaps you want to see your bank statement. How can the website know if you are the same person who was there a moment ago? How can the website remember the contents of your shopping cart? Cookies do this for the website. Without Cookies, the website cannot remember anything or remember that it is even talking to the same person.

Contrary to popular belief, Cookies cannot ever access any other file or data on your computer. Java can! In fact, only the exact same server that set the Cookie can read it. Website A cannot ever, under any circumstances, read Website B's Cookie and vice versa.

At Santa Barbara Airbus, we only use Cookies to remember your choices during that session. Even these choices are forgotten as soon as you quit your browser.


At Santa Barbara Airbus, we are deeply committed to your security. We use 128 bit encrypted secure methods to transmit financial information. Our servers are protected by 128 bit SSL, and our financial processor of choice is the world's leader in Internet Trust Services, Authorize.Net.

If at any time, you feel that we are not exercising enough security or have found any lapse in security, please bring it to our attention as soon as possible.

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