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Eric Onnen (CEO) – Founding partner of SBA.  Eric has been with Santa Barbara Airbus since its inception in 1983. 

Eric graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a major in Business Economics. He is active in all aspects of daily Airbus operations. Primary duties are management, administration and marketing. 

He is currently an active member and past president of the Goleta Rotary Club, and is a past board member of the Greater Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce. He was also past president of the Santa Barbara Conference and Visitors Bureau and Film Commission and served as a Goleta City Mayor. Eric is valued among the community as a business owner and has been invited to speak at numerous public speaking events and for local charities. Eric takes pride at having been a Goleta resident since 1978.

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x109

Mark Klopstein (Chief Operating Officer) - Founding partner of SBA. Mark has been with Santa Barbara Airbus since its inception in 1983.  He has worked in all areas of the operation from driving to maintenance. He is now currently in charge of operations. His responsibilities at SBA include being in charge of operations for dispatch and drive staff, scheduling drive staff and managing and booking our charter division.     

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x108

Samantha Onnen (General Manager) - Samantha is the newest addition to our leadership team. A graduate of San Diego State University, Samantha brings energy and a keen intellect to the Airbus team. Samantha directly supervises all Customer Service and Dispatch personnel. She is responsible for developing and maintaining policy for our office staff and customer service practices. 

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x114

Tim Onnen (Operations Manager) - Tim has been with Santa Barbara Airbus since the beginning in 1983. He has years of experience working in the transportation industry. A graduate of Cabrillo High School in Lompoc in 1986, Tim has been involved in all aspects of operations. He started out cleaning vehicles and advanced to being a managing partner of Monterey/Salinas Airbus, CA. The Monterey/Salinas Airbus division operated from years 1994 - 1999. Tim returned to SBA in 1999 as the general manager. His responsibilities include management of our LAX, Charter, Daytrip, training and compliance of all drive staff, hiring and termination of drivers. He is a certified DMV examiner.

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x106

Kristin Chambers (Director of Finance and Marketing) - Kristin joined the Airbus team in 2016 as our Finance and Marketing Director. Kristin brings over 25 years of Finance, Operations and Marketing experience to the Airbus team. She has owned her own business and served as VP of Finance and Operations for real estate and fashion distribution companies. She is responsible for the financial management and reporting of Airbus operations.  In addition to this vital role, Kristin oversees all aspects of our marketing and communication programs.  Kristin acts the Chief Financial Officer for Jodi House, a non-profit in Santa Barbara that provides much needed services for individuals who have suffered from a brain injury.  She is also an Ambassador for The Chamber of The Santa Barbara Region.  Kristin is actively involved in the non-profit sector of the community and is an advocate for entrepreneurship.  Her 2018 goals include finishing her Master's in Business Administration and obtaining certification to be a licensed CPA.

Contact via telephone 805-964-7759 x 124

Our Customer Service Representatives include Scotty Zender, Michael Ramirez, Kaleena Smith, John Glowicki, Owen Spahr, Kristen Robert, and Kim Dufore.They are supported by our Dispatch team of Karolyn Camarillo, Kathy Lechuga-Harrison, and Suzy Silva. Our representatives and dispatchers are all very knowledgeable and happy to assist you. They play a critical role in delivering the high levels of service you have come to expect from Airbus. 

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