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Posted On: 06/16/2010

We have a blog! And we’re only 10 years late!

Hi folks. Welcome to the brand-spanking new blog of the Santa Barbara Airbus. Being the first of many posts to follow, we thought we would give you an idea of what this blog will contain and why you should read it!

The first and foremost reason we decided to create our blog is change.  With so much going on at the Airbus we’ve created this blog to share the many changes at Airbus over the past few months. Another purpose of this here blog will be to let you know about any specials we are offering or discounts we have on trips. We also thought it would be nice to provide an option for you social media moguls out there. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. You can friend us, follow us, tweet us, find us, or even poke us.We hope this blog offers a little something for all.

"The times they are a changin'…" 

Bob Dylan was right in 1963 and he’s still right today. Things are changing at Airbus and you should know about a few of them. First off, the big one – WE HAVE MOVED OFFICES! Don’t Panic.  We didn’t go very far. Our new address is below. Call us if you have any questions! We’re pretty nice.

The new facilities are great. We have more space, nicer offices, and even a new waiting room for you! Complete with snacks, drinks, literature and a large flat-screen TV, it’s a much nicer place to spend a little time before hopping on the bus. The new offices provide a much improved experience for our riders. The Goleta Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting for our new digs, see the photos here!

In addition to the new offices, we’ve got a new website!  If you’ve made it to this blog, I’ll assume you’ve probably noticed. WELCOME!  Explore a little bit, book a reservation, and most importantly, give us some feedback! What do you like, what can we do better? Is there any area that is confusing? We are still making adjustments, so your feedback can really make a difference. We hope you enjoy the new site. That’ll do it for the first post. 

Welcome to our new website and come out and see our new place.  You’ll see more changes and we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading and be sure to enjoy the rest of the day. Thanks everyone and keep Ridin’ the Bus.

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